25 Best Depth Effect wallpapers for iPhone in 2024

Apple’s obsession with multilayered effects doesn’t seem to stop, and we’re not complaining! Our designers have created a roundup of the best Depth Effect wallpapers for your iPhone to suit all styles – whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a sci-fi lover, or an art connoisseur, there’s something for everyone here.

So, why wait? Tap the download button below an image and make these Depth Effect wallpapers your own!

1. Big Hero 6 iPhone Depth Effect wallpaper

Watch your favorite characters from Big Hero 6 pop to life on your iPhone screen with a captivating sense of depth and dimension. Everywhere you go, two of your favorite characters will follow along in this iPhone Depth Effect wallpaper.

Big Hero iPhone Depth Effect wallpaper


2. Statue of Liberty Depth Effect wallpaper

Turn your iPhone’s lock screen into a true work of art. Experience the iconic Statue of Liberty like never before with this mesmerizing Depth Effect wallpaper.

Statue of Liberty abstract depth effect wallpaper


3. Bike landscape 4K Depth Effect wallpaper

With incredible depth and realism, you can experience the beauty and thrill of an intense, scenic bike ride on your device. Try this masterpiece for yourself and take your iPhone to the open road.

Bike landscape 4K depth effect wallpaper


4. Mandalorian Lego-style Depth Effect wallpaper

Embrace the force of the Mandalorian and the fun of Legos with one of the best Depth Effect wallpapers for iPhone. This playful, blocky style makes your iPhone screen look like it’s floating with your favorite Star Wars characters. If you want to ditch flat backgrounds for good, this is the way.

Mandalorian Lego style Depth Effect wallpaper


5. Golden Gate Bridge Depth Effect wallpaper for iPhone

Bringing the glory of San Francisco’s iconic bridge to your iPhone is easy with this top-tier Depth Effect wallpaper. This is the perfect background for anyone looking for a bit of inspiration and a sense of wonder in their pocket.

To enjoy a glimpse of the Golden Gate with depth and perspective, tap the download button below.

Golden Gate Bridge Depth Effect wallpaper for iPhone


6. Astronaut Depth Effect wallpaper for iPhone

Do you want to take your iPhone to space? Well, then download this stunning Astronaut Depth Effect wallpaper. The dusty hues, steep mountains, and rough ambiance make for the perfect edgy look on your iPhone screen.

Astronaut depth effect wallpaper for iPhone


7. Burj Khalifa 4K Depth Effect wallpaper

Bring the world’s tallest building down to your iPhone screen. Yes, I am talking about the architectural marvel Burj Khalifa in Dubai. This wallpaper shows the enchanting beauty of Burj Khalifa, standing tall with white lights illuminating its grandeur. Get it now!

Burj Khalifa 4K wallpaper


8. Castaway’s Survival Depth Effect wallpaper

Castaway’s Survival is a book that mixes technology and magic, just like this wallpaper. The cool thing about the wallpaper is that it uses special technology on the Lock Screen to make the magical character look even more awesome. Don’t wait; grab the wallpaper now!

Castaway's Survival depth effect wallpaper


9. Funky house 4K Depth Effect wallpaper

Go wild with this funky wallpaper! It features a normal-looking house swaying happily with no worries. Oh, you might feel a bit hazy while staring at it but there’s no fun in being boring. It is a true childlike indulgence!

Funky House 4K depth effect wallpaper


10. Hiker at the summit HD Depth Effect wallpaper

Join me as I take you on an adventurous hiking spree — well, not actually, but with this Hiker at the Summit wallpaper. This wallpaper will add a burst of colors to your screen, and the Hiker standing atop the mountain will fill your heart with courage in all the moments you feel low.

Hiker at the summit wallpaper


11. Hot air balloon 4K Depth Effect background

If you love going high in the sky, you will love our hot air balloon Depth Effect wallpaper. Soft sun rays fill the barren land while a colorful hot air balloon floats freely in the air like a curious child. Every glimpse of this wallpaper will bring a smile to your face.

Hot air balloon 4K depth effect background


12. NFL Depth Effect wallpaper for iPhone

Football lovers gather around because a power-packed NFL wallpaper is here to energize your iPhone. You can see a football player ready to knock down his competitors, and right behind him is a crowded stadium. The neon blue light falls upon the player, making him the night’s real star.

NFL depth effect wallpaper


13. Ninja 4K Depth Effect wallpaper

Sitting atop a hill, the fighter plans his next move against his enemies. The dark ninja costume with a hint of red elevates the otherwise white surroundings of the view. Relive your dream of becoming a ninja with this iPhone wallpaper.

Ninja 4K depth effect wallpaper


14. Racing motorcycle HD Depth Effect wallpaper

You know you are a true bike lover when you have one as your iPhone wallpaper. This wallpaper is for anyone who loves adding a sporty look to their screens. Seeing the motorcyclist gearing up his bike might give you the little adrenaline rush to set sail on your next adventurous exploration.

Racing Motorcycle depth effect wallpaper


15. Cruise ship Depth Effect wallpaper for iPhone

Make way for a huge ship that is ready to dock on your iPhone screen. The front view of the ship cutting through water and hurling towards you will leave you awestruck. It’s mystically pleasing!

Ship depth effect wallpaper for iPhone


16. Skyscraper 4K Depth Effect wallpaper

Cover your iPhone screen with our magnificent skyscraper Depth effect wallpaper. The picture shows a regular view of a tall building, an evening sky, a car, trees, and lights. This minimalist wallpaper has a serenity that will quickly melt your heart. Simple yet pleasing!

Skyscraper 4K wallpaper


17. Snow castle Depth Effect wallpaper for iPhone

Find your way to our beautiful snow castle through this iPhone wallpaper. Covered in white snow, the castle sits at the center of the dreamy surroundings straight out of the fairytale land. This wallpaper will rekindle memories of when your grandma recited those magical stories for you. Tap Download ASAP!

Snow Castle Depth Effect Wallpaper for iPhone


18. Soldier Depth Effect wallpaper

The fighter in you will love this Soldier Deth Effect wallpaper. Though simple, the wallpaper showcases a soldier in uniform with a gun. The powerful aura emitting from this piece will give you a sense of pride and strength every time you look at your screen.

Soldier depth effect wallpaper


19. Ignited Statue of Liberty Depth Effect wallpaper

Decorate your iPhone screen with one of the seven wonders of the world – the Statue of Liberty. The wallpaper features a close view of the monument, including the world-acclaimed torch. If you love adding global masterpieces as wallpaper, you will love this.

Ignited tatue of Liberty depth effect wallpaper


20. SUV Depth Effect wallpaper for iPhone

This SUV Depth Effect wallpaper is for daredevils, spontaneous adventurers, and free-spirited souls. This impressive wallpaper’s dark theme, minimalism, and rawness will instantly pull you towards it.

SUV Depth Effect Wallpaper for iPhone


21. Scenic Mountain Depth Effect wallpaper

Take a moment to experience the depth and clarity of the landscape that will transport you to a serene mountain panorama and refresh your soul. Elevate your iPhone’s aesthetics with this beautiful Depth Effect wallpaper for iOS 16 and 17.

Scenic Mountain iOS 17 Depth Effect wallpaper


22. Fire balloon Depth Effect wallpaper

Fly through the skies with this Hot Air Balloon Depth Effect wallpaper. With a simple tap on the download button, you can give your iPhone screen a sense of adventure and depth.

Fire Balloon cool Depth Effect wallpaper


23. Italy Depth Effect wallpaper for iPhone

With this captivating Depth Effect wallpaper, you can bring a touch of Italy’s charm and beauty to your iPhone. Travel to the heart of Italy every time you unlock your phone.


24. The fallen leaf HD Depth Effect wallpaper

Explore the beauty of nature in all its glory. The realistic depth and vibrant colors make this wallpaper a serene and captivating addition to your iPhone’s display.

The fallen leaf depth effect iPhone wallpaper


25. Beautiful kitten Depth Effect wallpaper for iPhone

Last but certainly not least, we have a furry friend. Download this wallpaper and make a beautiful kitten pop out of your iPhone screen!

Beautiful kitten depth effect wallpaper for iPhone


That’s it!

So how are these depth-effect wallpapers? I’m pretty sure you will be in love with them, but which is the one you decided to go with? Let me know in the comments.

Special tip: While you can put any picture as a Lock Screen wallpaper, this effect won’t work on every picture. Basically, the algorithm usually recognizes only singular subjects, so try to avoid an image with lots of movements.

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