DURING the pandemic I decided to focus on the goodness around me, specifically the men who were showing up with generous spirits and open hearts.

I focused on men because the news has been overfull of negative role models, and I believe that having positive role models is essential. To that end, I interviewed 12 men from diverse backgrounds, wrote their stories and took their photos. These men have touched many lives in small, often unnoticed ways, bringing a generous spirit that made me smile and just as often brought me to tears. It occurred to me that I should feature each person with a story next to their photo, but not just information, I wanted to convey their motivation for bringing kindness and goodwill into the world.

The calendar was birthed in Ojai Ca but speaks to people everywhere, because it is much more than a place to record appointments; it is a way to feel good about life and the people in it. 

Irmgard James, Bavaria, Germany, “The quality of this calendar is stellar. It typifies the connection between head and heart which is the truest intelligence.” 

$26.50 includes shipping and handling, with partial proceeds going to fund a safe house for sex trafficked children, unless it is purchased at the Ojai Athletic Club where 100% of the proceeds go to Robert Evans (Mr July) to help with his on-going struggle with cancer.

You can order at Banfield11@gmail.com with Venmo or check. Please include your address, number of copies and preferred payment method. Mail a check to 25 Taormina Lane Ojai Ca 93023. Thank you for getting positive role models into the world!

PODCAST with Wendy Wilcox: https://anchor.fm/wendy-wilcox/episodes/Episode-1-Good-Guys-Calendar–A-Conversation-with-Karen-Banfield-e18jdc9 (16 minutes)

PODCAST with Ojai Quarterly Magazine https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/karen-banfields-12-good-men/id1508230947?i=1000540049320 (59 minutes)