I’m very grateful that we’ve had the chance to work together, you’ve been able to change things that I’ve been working on with little/no success for almost a decade. Dave/Portland

Karen Banfield has been a guiding angel in my life. Her insight helped to take my work to another level; her intuitive work was a deep grounding force of awareness in a time of personal chaos. She is practical, down-to-earth, and genuinely caring about the success of others. Karen is an invaluable navigational support on the creative path.  Alicia/Ojai

Hi Karen, I am doing great!  I can’t even begin to imagine where I would be if our paths had not crossed.  Amy/Tigard

Dearest Karen.  Thank you for helping me return to my inner teacher and places that remind me of my wholeness. You’re worth each check I write and so much more. Mary/Toronto

Thank you Karen, My session with you was one of the best days of my life. Amanda/Hillsboro

I will definitely look back on this year as the year of freedom from myself. Things are so very different inside me. Thank you for unlocking my cage.  Jason/Portland

I just wanted to tell you that our session was an incredible thing. I feel like your work changed the trajectory of my life. I know that sounds huge but I couldn’t believe how much of what you saw was true and made so much sense. Thank you so much again.  Jessica/Los Angeles

Karen was an invaluable help to me, guiding with acute attention and gentle urging, while re-forming how I present myself as a public speaker. She is intuitive and strong but not at all intimidating. She made me laugh at myself and opened up my fear so that I could look at, understand and use it. I am very very grateful.”  Betty/Maine

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