An Intuitive Reading provides comfort, a greater spiritual perspective and a deep awareness of your life path.

The goal of these intimate sessions is to connect you with the best part of yourself. It’s a look at your core, what makes you who you are, your gifts, challenges and life lessons.  Sessions are designed to enhance self-understanding, compassion, heart-opening and a spiritual connection to something greater.

We will look with gentle respect at your life, what has been and events you’ve set in motion.You’ll find our time together affirming and empowering.

The effectiveness and value of my intuitive skills have been featured on N.B.C. Television.

Jeff Berger MD Psychiatrist  –  “Time spent with Karen is transformative and life changing. I am in awe of her mastery. Many of the clients I have referred can attest to this.”


Lisa Luckenbach Through her intuitive readings, Karen helps to mirror and confirm what our deepest selves already know— but what may be obscured by the circumstances and situations in our lives. She centers herself fully and allows images to naturally arise that help to clarify, calm, and enlighten the noisy, questioning, fearful mind. Karen’s readings give us permission to embrace our evolution in life with gratitude, courage and consciousness—knowing that all of our paths lead to the One Heart”   805-804-7024

Session rates are $150 for 1 Hour