You wanna keep going down the road of life? We need to make sure you’re not giving off too many toxic fumes or polluting the air around you. To keep living and breathing, you’ll need to show up at DEQ for the Soul. 

Yep, that’s what I want to invent, a compulsory process for purifying the spirit, which would begin at ten years of age and continue every ten years thereafter – an inescapable commitment for everyone drawing breath. 

Let’s send make-believe Margaret through first to give us a peek at the process:  

Margaret has been doing this for awhile, so she is not at all nervous, in fact she’s been counting the days since her purification notice arrived in the mail. She eagerly visits the center, stepping into a white cloud-like substance, which provides a feeling of deep calm and homecoming, a sense of being completely and utterly safe. She begins to breathe into her belly and with each breath becomes more and more relaxed. There is a full length mirror on the wall, where she can watch all negative experiences and memories detach, like shingles lifting from an old roof in the wind. All pain, abuse, damage, suffering and darkness stored in her body are raised, cleansed and returned to the world as light. All memory of anguish erased. 

When extraction is complete, Margaret walks away from the center in bare feet, restoring and renewing her place on the earth and her belief in the sacredness of all life. Healing waters wait beyond, the surface shimmering like diamonds, each drop of light, a piece of her soul essence that has been hunted, harvested and brought back from early trauma, to be reunited as love and life force. As she tiptoes into the water, releasing her body to float on the surface, the fullness of her spirit moves back through the pores of her skin and into the core of her being. When she once again feels completely in love with life and all that is, her papers are stamped and she is free to return to the world for another ten year cycle. 

What a different place this world would be if we could manage such a simple thing.

3 thoughts on “DEQ for the Soul

  1. A different place indeed! I love the idea of it. If only you could make it so.

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