The muse has gone on holiday, so I’ll stop writing the novel for awhile.

I’m thinking it could be a month or even two.

Thank you for reading, and check back when you can.

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  1. Hi Karen–Thought I’d check out your blog again–last time I did you were taking an indefinite break. And I’m glad you’re back! Spent the last 80 minutes skimming through postings. I especially liked the Mexican trip. Too tired now to make any profound comments,but I enjoyed “hearing” your voice again.

    I turned 60 in April,trying to stay optimistic as my arthritis increases and my flexibility decreases. Three to five classes of restorative yoga each week and periodic acupuncture tx keep me moving. Want to get back into swimming.

    Took a break from writing my historical novel this winter and made a great deal of progress on a long short story I started in Salmon St. Writers. Gave a reading of it along with others in the critique group (led by the joyful Becca Deysach of Ibex Writing Studio).

    All the best,

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