Fit as a fiddle. Where did that saying come from? I’m sitting with an ice pack on my back congratulating myself on having resumed a workout routine. I bought several DVD’s in my attempt to want to care again but each was quickly cast aside and mentally labeled, “too much effort.” When it was time to put them on, I thought a little lie-down might be in order instead.

When I was on Amazon ordering a new calendar, (Wolf Kahn – watercolors – my favorite artist) they flashed a picture of Jane Fonda’s latest offering with a little note. Karen, we think you’d like this one. Actually, Jane is right up my alley. We spent our youth together, burning, bending and stretching into limber form.

When I was a single mom, I used to sleep in a big upstairs kitchen. Hey, don’t knock it. Do you know how great it is to be that close to the refrigerator in the middle of the night? I had a great view of tree tops through vast banks of windows, as well as two cockatoo’s that kept me company. My son, Clay, was sleeping in the only bedroom and his friend Byron, who’d been kicked out of his father’s house, made a home in Clay’s walk-in closet. My daughter, Kristen, was back from Greece with no place to land, so she was sleeping in the living room with her boyfriend, Tyrone. We got gold stars for making good use of space in  those days. Anyhow, I used to slip into the living room while Kristen and Tyrone were sleeping, mute the television, and kick, sweat and stretch my way into another day with Jane. It was great. 

I punched up a sample track for Fit and Strong, Jane’s new offering, and marveled at her admission of being 72 years old. The material and pace were exactly what I wanted. I needed a workout that was far from the realm of the young and enthusiastic, since, save walking, I have all but atrophied.  The workout is gentle, but thorough, and goes slowly, as she says things like, “This exercise will strengthen the muscles you need for lifting grandchildren,” and “I can’t bend this knee the way I used to because  it’s titanium now. Isn’t it wonderful what a little surgery can do?”

 I’m not surprised she blew a knee, the way she used to go at it. Still, she looks great. I do have a little trouble with my exercise model being wrinkle-free, air-brushed and tucked, but that’s Hollywood. I’m just happy she made a last DVD, because she feels like an old friend and I trust her.

 Now I need to have a talk with my body about going slow so I don’t need as many ice packs, epson salt bathes and arnica gel.  

2 thoughts on “Fit and Strong

  1. Sure could relate to this one. Jane Fonda has been a hero of mine for years. Also love all the insight about the incredible life you have led, Karen.

  2. I enjoyed this, especially the part about wanting to care, sure relate to that. I’m doing better with mine, but it’s hard getting back to it.

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