My half-price holiday special brings new clients that don’t always know what they’re getting. The word psychic has many associations, but mostly an expectation of predictions and fortune telling. That is not what I do. I used to, decades ago, but found it unfulfilling, because predictions tend to leave people wanting more of what they believe I have, and they do not. In short, it can create dependence.  

I am called a psychic because I see who people are to the bone, but the goal is empowerment, not prediction. I use my gifts to provide insight, understanding and perspective, so others can walk the earth in a stronger way. Opening a path to health and happiness has my attention, because finding the expression and purpose of ones soul will last a lifetime. It means waking up and once we become conscious, we can not go back to sleep – nor do we want to. 

My goal is to uncover the radiance you carry and to extract any energetic influences that interfere with the expression of who you’ve come to be and what you’ve come to do. I’m here to support your gifts and honor the finest parts of you, until you recognize and claim them for yourself.  

A soul reading is the beginning of that work. It reveals your essence, defines your current situation, the issues you’re struggling with, what needs to happen to heal them and what past life influences are affecting your behavior. 

It is not a psychic guessing game. It is a partnership and sharing, resulting in an energetic shift which allows change. I am often given specific information, but don’t look for it, because it’s not my passion.

 I’m your girl if you’re looking for a way to bring your light, unique gifts, creativity and wisdom into the world. But if you’re dying to know what Aunt Norma in Montreal is up to or how much longer her cat will live, I can make a referral. There are a lot of wonderfully gifted psychics out there, each with their own focus. So do a little research and make sure the one you’re employing is really the one you want. 


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