sunset swan

She hovered in shades of night time blue like Kuan Yin, up high and out of conscious sight. It looked like she was blowing bubbles because small specks of something were descending from that place to this.

The air is full of secrets, little hidden messages I don’t yet know, traveling down, past and through. One day soon they will land in my ear as an idea, inspiration or sudden fiery impulse. I see her and feel her, I know she is there.

Today I did a reading that was full of birds. The woman was dancing and each part of her body was a different bird. She danced, smiling and full of light. These were not ordinary birds. They sprang from the tropics in shades of radiant life. A raven off to her left showed the dark night she’d moved out of.

Her husband was a bold rooted tree, serious and solid. Elephants walked next to him, and in the shadows, I saw dolphins for diving deep. Their colors matched perfectly, like an artist painting with the same brush and pallet. She offered him gaiety and life. He offered stability and shelter, a good match.

I see the world in symbols, colors and images. I walk in twilight and mystery willing to share the unseen. What is this strange way of knowing? It’s not easy to understand for minds that paint with black and white.

These visions would seem frivolous and unimportant except for the confirmation they bring, the comfort, recognition and guidance that can heal and reveal.

I allow more of this reality into my days as I get older and have less to protect, defend or hide. For me, it simply is.

I went shopping today for a ritual knife needed to cut into other realities. I gather bones and feathers. A friend called me a witch yesterday. More labels, more useless titles that limit, repel or invite. Words can’t define experience; they box it so we can feel safe. It’s the risking, opening and allowing part that can set us free.

It’s nice to be older and more fully who I am. I no longer apologize or push into shoes that don’t fit. Now my essence speaks my name. I know who I am and I know what I do.

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