white roseI feel change in the air, moving like dappled light through darkness, arriving at an unknown destination.

Summer is here at last, the sun we’ve waited for, strawberries, cherries and a scorched nose.

I reach forward into the future eager and impatient.

I pull back wanting security, structure and the voice of old friends.

The air is charged and alive with excitement.

It is stagnant and filled with too much me. I get lost in the space.

There are promises whispered, felt, unseen and unheard.

They are there opening in the mystery.

The sky turns from purple to black.

I rest, and in the morning, do it all again.

I am an egg, cracked, and waiting.

Any day now, the shell will fall away and I will reach out, walking completely and utterly into the dream.

One thought on “Change

  1. Karen,

    Since we last met I secured a literary agent who sent out 59 e-mails to all the leading publishers in the US and the UK. She concluded there was no market for the book right now. After that I sent off letters to nine Irish literary agents. One of them (Jonathan Williams in Dublin) asked to see two chapters. Bill

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