Why don’t business people have to do what artists have to do?

Why aren’t they told that their desires must be squeezed into spare time?

Why aren’t lawyers allowed to practice as a rogue gesture, after proving themselves at a real job like playing jazz?

Why aren’t accountants restricted to completing sums, after proving themselves worthy by hours of painting with oils?

Why aren’t insurance agents made to write days of poetry to feed their family?

 I’m sure you’re a good plumber, but you can’t make a living that way. Do that nonsense on your own time. Stick to playing the piano, it pays better.

What if each person was required to spend eight hours a day singing, sculpting, dancing, doing theater, playing the violin, building sets or writing novels, while those on the fringe lived in the poverty stricken world of commerce. What a different world that would be.

How odd to require a group of people to spend the best energy of the day being what they are not, so they can afford to do what feeds their soul.

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