America will be ready for a black president in 40 years. Bobby Kennedy 1968

My husband, Gib, worked on Bobby’s campaign and was waiting in the lower ballroom to meet him on June 4, 1968 when he made his fateful walk through the kitchen. How proud I imagine Bobby would have been to have witnessed last night’s election. Gib and I were in downtown Portland as the city exploded in dancing, shouting, car horns, and joy-filled tears. We followed the percussive sounds of the Lions of Batucada as they wove through city streets, everyone chanting O-B-A-M-A, with ebullient voices linked to millions around the globe.

grandmaAt last we have a gentle man with an intelligent heart who is ready and eager to lead us out of the darkest, most embarrassing political years in memory. Words from Barack’s acceptance speech linger like a healing balm on an open wound. A new dawn of leadership is at hand.. Let us summon a new spirit.. While we breathe we can hope…Yes, we can.

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