“Tell me what you plan to do with your one wild and precious life.”  Mary Oliver

Please join us for a one of a kind experience designed to hone creativity, self-expression and presentation skills.  This adventure is safe, intimate, supportive and so much fun it should be outlawed. And it’s all about YOU. Our goal is to uncover and celebrate the stories that only you can tell. It’s about examining our lives and making peace with our experience, while celebrating the fragile beauty of shared humanity. This is a women-supporting-women format, where we allow our innate knowing to blossom and come forward without apology.

Personal Attention  ─  Emotional Healing Sessions       

Private sessions can be booked to help overcome the illusions that limit you. Together we can re-frame your story, build confidence and open your heart. This is a highly effective process of integration derived from decades of experience. These sessions are unique, individually tailored and specifically designed to help you transform emotional density, so that you align energetically with the innate power of your soul.

One Day Workshops ─  

This experience will help you find the stories you want to tell and why you need to tell them. You’ll deepen your connection to yourself and others, build trust, and  unleash your imagination.  Together we’ll laugh, play, share and dig deep to uncover your diverse, unapologetic and authentic self. Everyone is welcome. No experience needed.  NO community performance.

The Real Deal ─  

This is an 8 week opportunity to take your story to completion, explore the creative challenge of performance, and give the gift of your words and brave heart to an audience.  It will enhance your skills through storytelling, writing, presentation and intuition. You’ll learn how to use your voice, engage the audience and embody your message. Individual and group feedback will support your growth. Everyone is welcome. No experience needed.  Community Showcase Included

“The whole experience from beginning to end was Awesome! Meeting Karen was a huge turning point in my life.”    Lori

“Karen is wonderful and taught me to be ME again.” Val

“This class is more fun than one can imagine. I guarantee you will not regret taking Karen’s class! Incredible!”    Sandra

Call or email for the latest workshop schedules or to arrange a free 15 minute phone consult to learn how a reading, class or private session can meet your needs.  Banfield11@gmail.com   805-804-7024