If you would like a combination of traditional and non-traditional therapy, while going deep into mystical territories, like intuitive readings, energy clearing and shamanic journeys, I can help. I am here to assist you in living your soul’s purpose, expressing yourself without apology, and becoming the fullness of the person you are meant to be.

Decades of experience makes me very present with whatever arises, knowing how best to meet it, so you feel held, understood and relax into new insights. I help with transitions, stress, change in relationships, career, health, and illness. Also, understanding past lives, the imbalance that occurs to empaths and sensitives, the negative patterns in ancestral lineage and much more.

My questions put attention on precisely what needs nurturing or strengthening, so you can identify and connect to empowering parts of yourself. Knowing that each moment is unique, profound, and specifically tailored to meet your needs.

I believe that to heal, we need to slip beneath the logical mind by creating alternatives that feel safe and accessible.                                              

We will:


Make time for you to be heard.

Reframe your story and put it in a greater perspective.

Help you balance energy and reclaim your light.

Use imagery, journey work or storytelling.

And perhaps the most important part is making sure that you are well connected to your inherent wisdom, so that you can trust the wise part of yourself to provide the guidance and answers you need.

Each session is designed to promote a shift in consciousness and well-being.

If this style sounds like a fit for you, I’d love to help, either in person or by video. (NOTE: I do not take insurance and am not licensed in California.)


When I’m grappling with an issue, I look for a different perspective to lead me to deeper understanding. Karen Banfield helped me via skype with a tricky problem I’d tried to solve on my own through books, counseling, contemplation and even TED talks. From the comfort of our homes, we connected across time and space as she inquired, prompted and guided me to the truth of this chapter. In the physical realm, the full-body pleasure of complete peace which followed our meeting lasts even now. On the emotional side, my heart can now expand again. I wholeheartedly recommend Karen’s work and will continue to seek her out. 

Betsy King Watson 

Session rates are $150 for 1 HOUR

Please text or email to arrange a free 15 minute phone consult to learn how sessions, intuitive readings or a class can meet your needs.
Phone 805-804-7024 or email Banfield11@gmail.com